Nice To Meet You!

Hello there! Or perhaps welcome back?

I can’t believe I’m already updating, but I can see how dangerously addicting this can get… So, what writing have I accomplished since yesterday after spending hours configuring, revamping and updating my blog? None. Well, unless you count this, does this count? I have added a widget, which allows you to follow me via email! (Should be visible on the right side of this page, at the top.) This should do the trick until I can figure out a mailing list. Speaking of which– any tips?

I sent out a mass e-mail to friends announcing this blog’s launch and the response so far has been very encouraging. (Maybe because my friends are awesome people?) But even before that, I was very surprised (pleasantly so!) to see I had somehow gained two followers and a few likes. Wow, thank you! ❤

Maybe it’s because my other blog about Japan and travel has been getting little attention, but I’m not used to near-immediate response(s)! But that’s a good change, so save your worries, I shall adapt.

Now, since I’m still getting back into the whole writing groove and it might take me a while to give you anything new, I was hoping to get more familiar with you, my audience. But before I get to know you, I guess you have to know more about me first. It’s the law of equivalent exchange, isn’t it Ed? (Yes, I’m unabashedly referencing manga/anime. Sorry, I’m not sorry.)

So how did I get into writing? Great question, I wish I could tell you. My only response right now would be “As a child I always made up stories, whether with legos, barbies, polly pockets, playmobils, stuffed animals or an empty garden.” And that’s true, but I don’t remember doing much writing during that time, I was just creating.

When I moved from France to California and entered high school, I discovered anime. I had seen a few Miyazaki movies before, but not really TV shows. Needless to say, I got hooked. Quickly. Life outside of school, friends and music became internet and anime (those aren’t mutually inclusive/exclusive, but work together often). But then, I discovered fanfiction. Uh oh. I got sucked into that vortex, too.

The rest is history, as they say. (Who are they anyway, and why do they know so much?) From anime I switched to dramas for a while (mostly Japanese and Korean, but a few Taiwanese ones too), and curiously enough, when I moved to Japan, I completely switched to American/British TV shows. (I partially blame a friend for this, you know who you are! :P) Somewhere in between, I’d “stopped” writing. I was too slow, too picky, too pissed off by X circumstance(s) to feel like writing anything or some other excuses reasons.

But I’m tired of lying to myself, and no one but me is going to write whatever’s in my head. Thus, here I am, at the point of rolling back my sleeves to just write it. And I have a few worries…

  • I never feel like I’m using the right tags… I guess “writing” and “author” are good starters. (How did you find me so quickly?)
  • I’m afraid I’ll stop updating in a timely manner, especially since I almost feel like I’m over updating right now. Would you get bored if I updated only once a month? (On the plus side, more free time for you!)
  • I don’t even know what genre I write! Right now I don’t really care, I just want to write what’s in my head, but when I get to the self-publishing stage… I’ll ask you again.
  • I’m not sure how to involve you in my writing process. I feel like this warrants yet another post, so I’ll go prepare that one after I post this.

I look forward to your comments! =)

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