Initial Cipher Completed! #WIP

How exciting, my first of many ‘work in progress’ updates!  (At least, I hope.)

I haven’t said much about what kind of book I’m writing, but… I’m still trying to a) figure that out completely, and b) fit it in one sentence. I suppose I should keep it a surprise for when I have a lot more of it to condense?

But I’ve had an idea for one part (maybe several once I actually write it), where the protagonist finds strange symbols around the city, which she’ll realize is cipher and will somehow crack it.

Well, I don’t know about you, but coming up with a cipher is kind of hard work. I spent a few days brainstorming right after having the idea, then I let it sit for a few weeks until today where– behold, something went right. I now have a cipher!

Granted, it’s only a draft and will most likely evolve, but I’m still super excited nonetheless! It’s like having a paragraph to work on rather than a blank page. ^-^

Of course after I wrote it, I found myself thinking “but how will I ever input that in my document?” A question to tackle down the road, and maybe by then, I’ll know someone with a tablet and– things might happen.

Until then! I’ll continue thinking, writing a bit, editing and writing. Cheers!

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