New Library Page – Devilish Spawns

Happy Friday y’all! Or is it just me, hm. I’m up way past my bed time.

Anyway, for no reason at all (aka I should be sleeping), I had a random urge to post a bit more writing on here, and so– I went and fished in my writing pfiles* (new words, love ’em!) and it’s now ready for viewing!

It’s called Devilish Spawns.

I could really use some feedback, so go and have a quick look, it’s a 10 minute read, tops. I do hope you’ll at least snicker/snort/laugh once. Enjoy!

(Back to your normal programming of the Obstacle series once I get up, it’s all ready and thankfully just waiting for me to click ‘publish.’)

* piles + files = pfiles? Like I said, I should be sleeping. Also it sounds too German to be a made-up word… I don’t know.

Edit: I have removed it from my Library for the moment.

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