Obstacle #11: Titles

I like having a series, because I only have to name it once, and then find topics. Thus today’s topic, titles!

I don’t know about you, but picking titles is probably my least favorite part of writing – unless I have a “that‘s what I’ll call it!” inspiration-filled moment, but those are almost as common as unicorns. When it comes to titling things, I’ll probably put it off until I really must have a title and then I’ll ponder and debate and be content until I’m not and start over.

I know some people wait until something’s complete before even thinking of a title, while others have a title from which a chapter or book is born. Other people probably have a title at some point but end up changing it later anyway. Regardless of how people do it, I’m slightly jealous. For some reason, I don’t feel like my titles are ever really good?

But then again, I guess I lack confidence in naming things in general, a character, a new technology or whatever, so whenever I have the chance, I’ll go ahead and doubt myself.

So for everyone reading this, let me just ask… What’s your secret!?

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