Rediscovering Creativity #WIP

Perhaps that title is too grand for what I’m feeling, but then again… maybe not.

These days, the more I want to write my story, the more I find myself having to create something else. By all means, it’s related and prompted by my story (like the cipher), but today’s attempt at designing a bracelet has led me to believe I need to actually make it – whether it’ll turn out like the one in my mind or not is another story.

I can come up with three reasons for this:

  1. Due to lack of satisfactory google images, I have no choice but to make my own (probably better in the long term, right?),
  2. I finally have something to rekindle whatever I’d phased out of my life (making bracelets is definitely one),
  3. I just really really can’t wait to leave Japan. (That sounds bad, and you lack context, so know that I love Japan but imagine that feeling during high school when you just reallyreallyreally want to leave/go to college? Yeah, it’s like that.)

If I could draw better maybe I wouldn’t feel the need to actually make a bracelet, but that thought since this morning has actually given me the idea that I should make bracelets with the kids – clarification: not my kids, my Japanese students. That might be living on the edge…

All that to say, writing is definitely an adventure, and definitely not just about writing. I’m sure some people manage to create things just inside their head, but if I have the ability and the free time, I might as well make whatever I can. Hooray for getting more in touch with my creative side! =)

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