New Category: Monthly Blurb!

Once upon a time, a friend and I discussed writing.

Friend: “Alas, I enjoy writing but prefer thinking of things to write!”
Me: “Alas, I relish writing but cannot get myself to write!”
Friend: “… Hold, friend, for I just had a brilliant thought.”
Me: “Pray tell, what is this moment of brilliance!”
Friend: “I shall henceforth send you an idea, and you shall pen it down.”
Me: “A great thought indeed!”

And thus it shall be.*

Hence, the new category was born. I give you, the Monthly Blurb!

Every month I’ll post the prompt followed by my tidbit of writing for your enjoyment. Feel free to post your own blurbs if inspiration strikes. 😉

* This conversation might or might not be slightly paraphrased.

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