Alive & Plugged In

Greetings non-forgotten readers!

It has been too long since my last post, but I just wanted to update you on the why.

As planned, I moved out of my Japanese house before the end of July and went off for a month of traveling and meeting old friends. It was fun, tiring, sweaty as hell, and delicious. Then I went back to California for quite possibly the shortest week ever with only a little bit of unpacking and repacking.

Then I landed in France. Long time no see, not to mention speaking for long conversations! Finding a place to live was rather stressful and exhausting, and then work started and added an extra layer of stress. Stress is like chocolate right? We can never have too much…

I won’t even go into details about the whole internet situation, except to say that by this weekend, I should finally have stable, reliable internet! Meaning I can get back into writing and updating mayyybe once a week or every two weeks, depending on the amount of prep I have to do.

That’s my ‘alive and well’ update, and I’ll leave you to a wonderful day. Until next time!

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