Name Change!

Hello everyone!

No I’m not dead, although when I had less than a week left in my (Japanese) house back in July, I had this sudden urge to sit down and write. Curious how ‘inspiration’ timing works.

On that same note, my brain was assailed by stroke of genius after stroke of genius. After lying down, sitting back up and jotting my ideas down, and lying down again (repeat perhaps 4 times), I pondered about my pen name…

After much turmoil and internal (and external) debating, I decided to go for Alison Juste.

Why? Because I remember hearing about J.K. Rowling being told boys wouldn’t want to read a book written by a woman. Hah. A good book will should be read regardless of the author’s sex (maybe reality will catch up soon). And if you go by last name first… it’d be Just(e) Alison! I’m punny, I know.

I’ll reign in my tirade and conclude this ‘exciting’ announcement. The blog title and address have obviously been changed, but hopefully you’ll find your way back. 🙂

P.S: Victoire Hélène is now Alison Juste! is now! Just in case anyone googles this, I hope this shows up.

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