NaNoWriMo Lessons #WIP

Greetings fellow creators!

As you probably know (or inferred from the title), I decided kind of last minute to jump in and take part in NaNoWriMo. At the time I thought I was nuts, scratch that, I still do! However, it’s only day 5 and I somehow managed to sort of impress myself.

I’ve been hitting the suggested word count every day – granted, with a few bouts of ‘cheating’ for my “long day at work, home late” days – but the moral boost it provides is rather splendid. For someone with the “I want to publish a book” common thought, the reality of writing once in a blue moon is kind of a self esteem depleter (yes, new word).

But here’s what I learned from these short few days:

  • Things I never contemplated pop up (the world has to come alive, doesn’t it?).
  • Problems I hadn’t foreseen arise (looking at you, curse of the character naming!).
  • Anything goes for that word count (sprinkle on those extra everything: a, the, that…, even the Untitled titles).
  • Writing every day does get the fingers flying off the keyboard faster!
  • Not everything I write is crap! On the fly things can be truly ingenious.

On the plus side, by browsing the genre forum, I discovered a genre that might actually fit my story! Futuristic fantasy. Not that it’s extremely important right now, I’m just excited about sub-genres to investigate once the actual writing/editing is over.

I’m afraid my monthly posts will return in December. I’m rather swamped with work (my first batch of midterms to grade, and it takes forever, gah!) and obviously my story awaits…

I end today on page 16, with 8595 words!

So let us brave the uncertain waters and wade through together!

Learn on,
Ali J.

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