Monthly Blurb #3

A much overdue Blurb! To be fair, I did attempt NaNo, and work got a little crazy – although the craziness has, frankly, only started and I can’t tell you how much dread grading hundreds of tests fills me with!

Anyway, I will attempt to update more regularly, but here is December’s Blurb to fill this holiday season with some giddiness.

Prompt: The beginning of an epistolary romance. Min. 500 words.

She’d only needed one night to be interested in that dark curly hair outsider. They not only resembled each other, but they had similar tastes, as evidenced by his astounded face at one of her songs in karaoke. But the best part was of course leaving the potluck party after dessert with her friend only to see him following and basically inviting himself over. But her friend was a great wing-woman and a gracious host. The walk home in the frigid night amid the narrow walls of icy snow and treacherous sidewalks only fed the tension, what with a reason to be closer to hear each other speak and avoid falling every other step.

If the night had been young at the end of the party, it was about to get younger as time went on. The host friend performed a Chinese tea ceremony – which apparently made us “tea-drunk,” cue giggles – and provided excellent discussion topics. Time ticked on yet they didn’t tire like their host, with their faces first reddened by the cold wind and now warmed by the kotatsu, continuously working those cheek muscles through infinite genuine and teasing smiles.

The host had since changed into pajamas and was dozing off, unable to keep watching Matt Damon’s amazing kick-ass scene in a Swiss U.S. Embassy. The curly haired guy, stranger to the movie, was half watching but still distracted enough to engage in conversation every few minutes. He kept glancing at his phone and left it on the table, so she took a chance.

Swift like a cat, she grabbed it when he wasn’t looking and began to type messages rather than speaking them – perhaps a gesture to prevent their voices from waking up their mutual friend, yet the movie got no quieter. And so the exchange continued uninterrupted, until his phone nearly ran out of batteries and needed charging, then it began again.

“Aren’t you sleepy?” Between giggles, she kept yawning, and she could see him look sleepier and sleepier still but he insisted he was fine. Then suddenly, the first film ended. The host woke up, amazed and bemused at their refusal to sleep, asking if they planned on doing an all-nighter. They both denied the accusations, yet the guy shared a truth.

“No, no I have work at 10.”

Both friend and host gasped and fussed, insisting he get some sleep or go home before heading to work. Unable to grasp social cues, he stayed, his eyes getting redder still. Hours ticked by and the conversations via phone shot in all directions, including whether he should make food for her poor grumbling stomach. Soon, the second movie ended but the host didn’t stir.

By the time he deemed it ‘late’ enough to excuse himself, it was only about 8:30a.m. Seeing a slight opening, she dived in, boldly handing him her phone to add his contact info. She then sent him her information via text, waved him out the door and locked behind him. The host stirred, complaining about not anticipating an all-nighter but dropping huge hints that he’d only stayed so long to spend as much time with her as possible.

Just before she lied down for a much needed nap, she received a text.

“Thanks! I got home ok. Off to work now.”

Word count: 555

As always, any comments, constructive  criticism or reactions much appreciated! Happy Holidays 🙂

All work published is the intellectual property of © Melinda Charnas. Please do not republish anything from this site without express written permission. Sharing links or reblogging is welcome.

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