I’ve Got A Problem…

Maybe you can help me?

NaNoWriMo helped me get a lot closer to finishing my first draft, and it was great – in a weird, awfully stressful way. But then life (more work than life actually) took over and I was busy making and planning tests and I dropped off the writing rails again.

It’s not that I don’t think about the story, rather, I think about the book as a whole, already complete, and what I can do to publish it and how to advertise it. You don’t have to tell me, I know it’s all backwards. But these ideas (and what great ideas they are!) are almost dominating my mind more than the story line!

So I was thinking… maybe I need to set a deadline to finish my first draft. I saw a widget or something on here that works as a countdown. Maybe if I NaNo-dictate myself, the pressure will come back and my fingers will fly off the keyboard again?

If I could, I would print everything out and take it on the plane with me next week – but I feel terrible ‘wasting’ paper! Unfortunately, I’ll probably be too busy grading tests…

On that note, I’m off to visit dreamland. Who knows, « la nuit porte conseil »* and maybe I’ll wake up with the perfect idea to fill in that hole in my draft! Or whatever my wise counsel, oh supreme subconscious, will answer any question I pose.

Dream on,
Ali. J

* An expression usually translated as “sleep on it” when unable to make decisions.

3 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Problem…

  1. I would say it all depends on where you are as a writer. If you’re new to novel-writing, then it’s a good idea to get some distance from your work and then return to it with a critical eye later. Nano has some benefit (good for raising morale), but as far as really learning the craft of writing, it does only a little.
    Best of luck to you in your writing.


    1. Hmm, I’d say I’m definitely new to novel-writing, although it’s more short story than epic length novels. Writing wise I have been writing for a while, but maybe not marathon style? I agree that Nano doesn’t really teach much for the craft of writing, I feel it’s more on the daily grind of living as a writer?
      Thanks for the advice though! (And definitely following your blog!)


  2. I make a few suggestions with novel-writing books here: http://danielionson.wordpress.com/2013/12/05/%E2%96%BAaut-disce-aut-discede/ Can’t stress enough how important it is that we educate ourselves on the craft. Best of luck. Share away.


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