Monthly Blurb #4

This blurb topic was ironically self-induced (perhaps, on some level, even incepted) while talking with the German ‘assistant.’ She has to teach a new business class this semester and isn’t quite sure what to do with that, especially without knowing (or testing) the level of her students first.

I feel like the original chat (ultra-short) version is funnier, so I’ll be adding it below. I felt like it’d be cheating to post four lines as a blurb, so I made it long.

Warning: silly, nonsensical-ness ahead.
Any comments and/or constructive criticism are always welcome. 🙂

Prompt: “I’m supposed to teach them something about ROBOTS?”

The day was as fine as any other. The soothing wind shot through the streets, blasting passersby in its frigid gust of icy rain. My makeshift umbrella – perfectly fine until I’d walked out the door five minutes ago – flapped uselessly in the relentlessly annoying wind bent on frizzing my hair before class. Class! I’m gonna be late!

I ran, as much as I could in these new heels, through the small, empty backstreets until I made it onto campus. Panting and wheezing, I sucked it in as I walked up the stairs, briefly stopping in the teacher’s lounge to grab markers out of my locker. I glanced over the syllabus again, going through my prepared notes at the same time. About to rush off to class, I caught a pale reflection in the window.

My mouth dropped, horrified at the sight. My hair! Damn wind. Deft hands and the magical properties of water refined my looks in a few seconds before I entered class and started, as if nothing had happened.

“In this class, you’ll learn business and work environment vocabulary, and the proper way to address people from different fields and with varying titles.”

Students were students and nodded along, the diligent ones taking notes while the others chatted or texted their way through. It’s not that I couldn’t see them, but rather that I wanted them to notice my pointed stares. For all I knew, I’d been staring at rocks. They could be surprisingly thick.

After covering the basics of workshops and automated machines in the work environment, we had one last topic to fill the remaining five minutes of class. I kept on reading my carefully prepared documents until–

I’m– teach them– about– robots!?

An old, irrational fear bubbled up. One I had thought to have vanquished years ago. The sudden silence caused a few students to look up in confusion. No, they were more likely to check that class had been dismissed early. I could feel my open mouth getting sore, but was unable to unfreeze it at the moment.


I looked around the room wide-eyed, stopping on the computer sitting peacefully on my desk.

“They’re taking over the world, we’re doomed!”

I could hear the students’ confused buzzing and barely noticed their heads turning, looking around at each other. My heartbeat picked up.

“They’ll kill us all! RUUUUNNNN!!!”

I grabbed my stuff and did just that.

Word count: 404

Original version

“Now I’m supposed to teach them something about ROBOTS?”
*At the end of class*
“And the last topic today… robots.”
*looks around dramatically, at the computer*
“They’ll kill us allllllll! RUUUNNNN!!!”

Teacher, students, school, class… I guess you shouldn’t be surprised given it’s my day job. Still, a silly ending!

All work published is the intellectual property of © Melinda Charnas. Please do not republish anything from this site without express written permission. Sharing links or reblogging is welcome.

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