Monthly Blurb #5

It took a while, but I managed to squeeze this out. However, I’m now out of prompts! It’s up to you to feed me for the next Blurb! Leave a comment below, thank you!

As always, I welcome any comment and/or constructive criticism. 🙂

Prompt: Someone takes a walk and reminisces about something in the past.

He had been walking this particular path for at least five years, so everything looked quite familiar. He knew which bricks were loose or broken, causing unfortunate accidents. Even with his eyes closed he would be able to follow the curve from the riverbank to the park center.

But it wasn’t just the route he knew, it was the surroundings. He could tell by the sound of wavelets lapping against the wall how strong the wind blew or how much it had rained. The trees became confidants, each with its own personality – especially on a windy day.

Today, the waves were quiet and the trees still, as if everything was enjoying the warm afternoon of an early summer day. A laugh suddenly submerged him deep in the past. Confused, he looked around, whirling with more speed than he’d mustered on his walks in the last three years.


Strangely, the path wasn’t very crowded yet. There was a young couple holding hands, a gathered family, a few dog walkers and a group of friends. The laugh startled him again. Among the group of friends was a young woman, doubling over with tears in her eyes.

Of course it couldn’t be Alyssa. He hadn’t seen or heard from her in over a decade, maybe she was still alive. Maybe not. He adjourned his ritual walk and leaned against the handrail. The river comforted him with its usual lapping sound while he focused on that woman’s laugh.

It was nearly identical. He hadn’t realized how much he missed that laugh. Minutes ticked by as he kept listening, drinking in, that laugh. Memories bubbled up slowly. An attempted dine-and-dash. Losing a map in a river. Mix ups with locals in Thailand. Laughing so hard on a street people thought them drunk.

A smile had crept on his face, his eyes brimming with unshed tears. The laughter faded as the group biked away, leaving him alone with his precious memory of a long lost friend.

Word count: 333

I thought I’d try my hand at a male protagonist this time, I’m not that great at writing them. And you know what they say, “practice makes perfect.” So I practiced, a little. I don’t know why it got all sentimental, but it did.

Again, please drop some prompts below and be responsible (in a good way) for the next Blurb!

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2 thoughts on “Monthly Blurb #5

  1. Because I love you – “sharing links or reblogging IS welcome.” (Technically, as far as copyright law is concerned, you don’t need a statement – the time stamp on your blog will do – the idiocy of others is less certain). Also, this is awesome.


    1. Well that’s embarrassing… But thanks for pointing that out! (And yes, although I figure redundancy is best, especially concerning those “others” you speak of.)
      Thank you! 🙂


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