Unlikely Partnership

I haven’t written much lately, feeling very much in a slump.  I haven’t written, finished unpacking from my move nor am I, apparently, in any hurry to finish my home deco projects to help me unpack and be happier with my new place.

So instead of forcing myself to work on something, I’d rather write about a new… experience, if you will, that only began after my move.

One interesting thing about the new place is that it changed my behavior with spiders. Weird, I know. This apartment is about twice as big as the one I left and I relish all the open space, no longer feeling like a dog in a kennel.

When I spotted the first spider, easily within reach below my window, I was kind of grossed out and a little uneasy; but fine, it’s not moving, and it’s not exactly bothering me. So I let it be, for now. With each passing day, I got used to it being there when I open the curtains in the morning and close them at night.

Then I started finding and killing bugs. Hello new friend, have some dinner! (My sadistic side came out a little, so what…) I’d drop the dead insect into the web and sit back to watch how quickly the spider worked. This one must have been ravenous: it sprang to life and worked on the insect, quickly wrapping it in a cocoon too thin for my eyes to see, but I could definitely see it being cocooned. (Thank you, LOTR, for providing me with vivid imagery.)

The next day, another spider moved in, still below the window but in the opposite corner. Fine, so I have two pets now. I kept feeding the smaller one though, as I’d promised it – because of course I started talking to them. Then I fed a humongous fly to the biggest spider, and the next day, a smaller spider had arrived, neatly hanging above the second spider.

Great, three of you. Hmm… Whatever. And before I knew it, a fourth one had come in and settled in the middle of everyone. By that point the grossed out feeling surfaced again. “Come on guys, four of you? That’s way too many for this tiny space!” But fine, not like they bothered me.

I decided to stop feeding them though, because apparently they emit an “omnomnom food!” signal and all other spiders congregate. Let’s not. The thing is, a few days later, they auto-regulated and only one was left. Hooray! One I can manage. One of them must have returned to the kitchen ceiling and another went by the front door, as I’d suggested.

In case you think I’m crazy, well… who cares. I just got into this weird mood of talking to spiders with some patience and telling them they were in the wrong spot, this wouldn’t work, please move. I guess it worked? Except in the toilet, because there are now six of them and probably not enough bugs to survive. I guess they’ll find out.

I don’t know why upon moving apartments I became able to coexist with spiders, but I kind of like it that way. They’re not around my bed and mostly in places I don’t access, and they work better than a can of bug spray (for the most part). Except last night when I had to actively seek out and exterminate a mosquito before dropping it into a web with a “bon appétit!” It was gone in the morning.

Our partnership continues.

Ali J.

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