Riding The Wave(s)

Bonjour from far away!

Although I haven’t moved and am still writing from France. It has been much too long since I last updated, and I (probably) have no excuse. I wasted half my summer away, having absolutely no obligations yet being unable to write. Unpleasant weather, loneliness and an overabundance of time somehow worked against me. Apparently, I’m more productive when I have a ‘busy’ (or at least regular) schedule.

After a brief respite at the beginning of September, where I escaped my big but empty apartment for the comfort of my old room in California, I came back and faced what looked like an impossibly heavy schedule. And I thought last year was bad. (Moral of the story, always appreciate what you are given at the moment.)

School started again and swept me up in its pace, forcing me to shudder to life after what felt like an eternity of blind groping. And here we are, somehow a week before December and a mere three weeks left of classes before exams. (But who’s counting?)

On the plus side, I’ve been using my library card and borrowing ebooks like an addict (which I am), because I never thought I’d forgotten how addicting reading could be, until I read again. As a result, I plowed through a few books, most recently The Inheritance Cycle, and now I’m mourning the end of a story.

But while one story “dies” (do they ever though?), others roll on and on. My story, which had long felt stunted, is still far from dying out. I only added a paragraph and a few lines to my meager 40ish-page manuscript, but there is a renewed vigor in it, and I have a suspicion most of what I currently have will be rewritten at a later date. But that’s ok, because I want my story to take a life of its own.

I strive to ride whatever wave(s) I ride, although I’d rather only ride one at a time to avoid crashing (and possibly drowning). I also don’t want to stress myself out, which feels difficult in our current societal pace, but a part of me is– hopping? stamping? impatiently* to just get the story on paper (or word document, as it were).

In the meantime, I have no choice but to battle my worst house foe yet: slugs.

(To be continued…)

Trudge on through the cold, the dark and the worries!
Ali J.

*I find that a poor substitute for the French expression “trépigner d’impatience.” Oh les chagrins des âmes bilingues…

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