Status Update & Contest Result!?

Bonsoir tout le monde!

You might’ve noticed I pulled the disappearing act, again. The semester was ending, I was traveling, I wasn’t writing, I had intense periods of ughs and args, blah di blah, excuses, same old same old.

What’s new:

  • um, I’m technically writing again (yes, it’s fanfiction, but it gets me writing, let’s me have fun; in short, it’s awesome),
  • I’m prepping for a move (to Australia!) while planning my last European travel for a bit, all the while handling France’s paperwork with a vengeance,
  • and oh, I apparently made Honorable Mention in a contest!! Yes it’s a new website (check it out: Fictuary), but I can still say I made the cut from 103 to the top 9! Self esteem boost: minimum 5 points (out of ??).

All in all, very productive days ahead. I also discovered a new method to organize your things (and life), presented in a #1 bestseller book (which you might’ve already heard about): The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.

I went through my clothes today, and I like the way my shelves looked afterwards. While a bit time consuming, it’s quite cathartic and I highly recommend it. Though to be honest I’m afraid to move on to step 2: books, because they’re my one exception to my minimalist-ish lifestyle goal. Can you really have too many books?

In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy nicer weather than we’ve been having (it freakin’ hailed Tuesday, what the heck!), and catch you either before, during, or after my transition to Oceania.

Keep calm and tidy on,
Ali J.

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