AA (Ali Alive) Down Under! For now…

G’day, mates!

It’s been a bit over 3 months Down Under, and I’m slowly integrating Aussie slang (exhibit A: Will you be at uni this arvo?). No I don’t use arvo that much, maybe while texting and only if someone else uses it first, but who knows what’ll happen.

Let’s make bullet points for brevity’s sake. In the past three months I:

  • started grad school (yikes)
  • lived in 2 Airbnbs for 1 month until I found my dream apartment
  • finally moved in (and bought a bed)!
  • barely a month in and got a job?? (and related to my studies!)
  • procrastinated (duh)
  • wrote more fanfiction (slowly)
  • explored some of Sydney & its food (so much delicious Asian food, my withdrawal was horrendous)
  • and of course made new wonderful friends!

Which brings me to today, nearly the last week of my first semester, so close to a 4 month long summer break yet so far, mainly because I have 4 papers due next week and I want to cry. Yes I should be writing about organizational change (I need an extra 300 words), and yet, procrastination is like the force: irresistible! It might kill me (mentally, emotionally, academically)… but then again.

In the midst of this freak out phase, I’m contemplating next semester’s classes (my final semester, already!?). To avoid having 3 (or possibly 4) classes taught by the same professor, I’m debating a dissertation… I must be crazy, right? Although the word count for doing a special project and a normal class tallies around 10,000 to 12,000 words depending on the class, a dissertation counts as 2 classes and is around 12,000 words, on a topic of my choice, thus interesting (at least at the beginning). Bah. Decisions…

And as the semester will be officially done (for me) in a week (ish), I’m going to give NaNoWriMo another shot. For once, November will be warm, I won’t have other obligations (besides work, I need to earn rent, bills and ridiculously expensive everything) and I intend to actually finish the first draft of my novel, at last! Can I get a W00tw00t? (Whutwhut? No.)

Despite all the anguish, frustration, and occasional tears, I am still super lucky to have ah-MA-zing friends (whom I love very much I’m sorry I don’t say it often, or at all) and just… life goes on. I need to stop stopping and actually do things, like yoga, or salsa, or going shopping for the first time (flip-flops and new shoes prioritized), or finding a koala to pet. What am I waiting for? (I’m realizing this more and more.)

Oh right, my book… Well, I can handle multitasking, usually. Challenge accepted. Summer, see you very soon! (And the Northern hemisphere enjoy your fall colors and seeping cold.)

Life; on!
Ali J.

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