My Storytelling Superpower #DIYMFA

Welcome back!

I’m very excited for this prompt:

Prompt 3

Who knew storytelling could be so exciting! 🙋 (That’s me, because I did– do… I get ridiculously addicted to my own stories.)

Turns out, I’m The Protector!

Your superpower is writing superheroes! Your favorite characters see their world in danger and will do whatever it takes to protect it and those they love in it. These characters may not wear spandex and capes, but they show almost superhuman fortitude in their quest to prevent disaster, whatever the cost to themselves. From Scarlett O’Hara to James Bond to Iron Man, you’re drawn to characters who stand up to the forces of evil and protect what they believe in.

That is shockingly accurate! For most of my stories, anyhow.

Is it because of my sense of justice? My wishful alter ego? Past lives’ experiences? Over-consumption of books, movies, and TV shows? Possibly. Maybe I’m just drawn to characters able to sacrifice so much, because I can’t imagine doing the same in their situation(s).

Therein lies the magic of writing.

Revisiting most of the stories (including fanfictions) I’ve written, there is definitely a protector in every one of them. Their capacities and situations are different, but their desire to protect someone from “something worse” is always there. And to be honest, I’m not sure what that says about me.

What am I trying to tell myself? Do I wish someone had been there to protect me for X, Y, or Z? Do I wish I‘d been a better protector of myself? Possibly.

There are really endless possibilities as each story is as likely as the next (#writerbrain). Still, it’s an interesting bit of soul-searching to consider. Just don’t grant me actual superpowers, I’m not sure I would know what to do with them!

Write on,
Ali J.

What’s your superpower? Just take the quiz, and share your results below!

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