Creativity: Wh’re Doth Thee Cometh From? #DIYMFA


This post is a tad late, as life happened (including Exciting News!!), but I’m honoring my reality and that is prioritizing writing a brand new story for the NYCMidnight #shortstorychallenge2018!

This prompt, ironically enough, required more thinking that the last one. Who gets writer’s block about creativity!? … Me, that’s who. 😞


Perhaps my lazy weekend disconnected some wires? Do I call an electrician? Wait, who’s the electrician? Creativity?? With a smidgen of willpower? They would charge a fortune! … In a way, they kind of do (see: my nonstop inner critic).

Alright, so. You’re creative. Yay! Me too! Why? … Um. Because? I really want to say “aren’t we all, in a way?” It can’t be rare, can it? To think of looking at a situation upside down instead of top to bottom? (Turns out our brains are wired differently, call the electrician back!)

shake things up

I tend to get inspired rather randomly:

  • while theorizing or joking with friends
  • sitting on the bus staring at traffic
  • reading random articles about science or technology
  • anything from a screen (anime especially as it can be quite weird, in an awesome way, even if I haven’t watched a lot recently)
  • getting an emotional reaction in real life (with varying degrees)
  • seeing shapes/faces in objects
  • my plethora of weird (again, awesome!) dreams
  • listening to themed music (action/epic/dramatic etc)
  • looking at pictures (of creatures, fictional places, you name it!)
  • reading books, tout simplement – novels, books about writing, it’s all fair game (two off the top of my head include one I haven’t yet quite completed since the last time I brought it up, Atelier d’Écriture by Laure D’Astragal, and of course the DIY MFA book by Gabriela Pereira)

The majority of the time it feels like a combination of random thoughts while contemplating something.

In case of severe creative droughts, there are thankfully many available resources. An easy go to (with internet) would be Gabriela’s own DIY MFA Writer Igniter (I’m still laughing at some results – is that generator really random!?).

Gabriela also talks about her ORACLE – a box fulfilling the role of muse by holding creative whispers, such as a box of images or words. I really like the option of the dice as well:

I use dice for writing exercises whenever I need to leave something up to chance. I’ll assign each number an option, then do whatever the roll decides.

Another sure way to get the creative juices flowing is to reignite the dying embers of something that thrills me, that still gets my heart pounding with excitement, and has me yelling at the pages/screen no matter how many times I read/watch it. A book/series, an anime, a show, or a movie I love will always get me squealing in delight, but especially those that have fanfiction. Bonus points if it’s a fandom I write for! Whatever it takes to get back into writing. 😁

Perhaps I’ll build my own ORACLE in the next few weeks, and see what I come up with!

Go forth and create!
Ali J.

How do you replenish your dried creative well? What inspires you? Do you have your own ORACLE? Sharing is caring, feel free to discuss in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Creativity: Wh’re Doth Thee Cometh From? #DIYMFA”

    1. Haha! Nice one Sarah! I have to admit my room is messy at least half the time, but I can’t say those things inspire me… unless they’re jumbled in the same corner. 😉

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