Cinematic Short Story Contest Update!

Squeeeeeee! 🤩

Ahem, forgive me. The email took me by surprise this morning (pros of living in a different timezone?), but very excited to announce I’m a semifinalist for Screencraft’s Cinematic Short Story Contest!! 😍


I’m part of the top 12%?? Wow. 😲 WOW! 😳😁

Now I have another month (ish) to wait for the winners announcement, but I know the odds are… quite steep. 174 contestants hoping to win, or even place Top 5. Regardless of the end result, I’m very, very happy with how far I’ve come! But yes, a tiny part of me is hoping I’ll place, who wouldn’t!?

I’ll focus on the baby steps, and this fancy dandy badge is doing wonders for building confidence in my writing. 😎

Maybe it’s time to create a Library page for this story, for future reference. (Some changes have been made, which I will go over in a future post.)

In any case, w00!! Great way to start the day, so don’t mind me skipping me around! 💃🏼🎉

Dance on,
Ali J.

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