Rebranding – Coming Soon

Bonjour my dear readers! 💞

First, a quick celebration of reaching 200+ followers?!? 🎉 When did that happen!? 😲😄 Thank you very much, I hope you enjoy the ride – it’s about to get bumpy! 😉

We know Aang, we know. ❤️

As you may remember from my last update, I’ve been pretty static for the last few months. But not entirely so, because my mind, as always, is speeding a gazillion miles per nanosecond. I’ve been pondering, debating, wondering, and thinking… Not just about my life and where I’d like to go (that only permeates 95.7% of my thoughts), but specifically the writing aspect of my life.

When I started this blog 6 years ago, I was teaching in Japan and looking to go teach elsewhere. I didn’t want my students to Google me and find this private, crazy yet quiet part of me, and even less so with possible future employers. Heck, I don’t even think I wanted all of my friends to know! I had a hard time calling myself a “writer” (and still do). The rational voice in my head was steadfast in keeping my professional and writing life separate, probably heavily influenced by my perfectionist tendencies and why should the world see me and my possible failures!?

But… I’ve changed my mind.

No, that doesn’t mean I’ve finished my novel (7 year rut with baby pygmy possum steps), or suddenly been published, or won a contest, or anything that would make me successful as a writer. Yet.

(I am working on a wonderful short story which keeps growing in length and will most definitely need at least one sequel. I’m so very, very excited about it! 🤩 But that’s not the point, although it did help steer me towards my final decision.)

But I want writing to be, publicly, openly, a piece of me; as obviously me as my curly hair. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Queer Eye recently, but how can I start living fully if I hide who I am? And I’m very good at hiding, I could be a master builder with my multitude of solid walls: humor, TV shows, clothes, and yes, smiles. Writing isn’t just a passing hobby (as you might think, considering how much neglect this blog and my writing have endured), it’s a part of me, my very essence – and I’ll take a DNA test to prove it! (Don’t quote me on this.)

I see stories every day, I consume them, get engulfed in them (too much and it becomes another form of hiding), I breathe stories. We’re all made of stories and I a-d-o-r-e that; there’s no better way to learn about people and life. It would be foolish and irresponsible to keep that side of me tucked away, like telling the sun not to shine.

Unleash your gorgeous imagination~ (Source)

In concrete terms, this means I’ll put my pen name to rest (we had a good run), and will rebrand and freshen my blog. What’s passed is past, metaphorically and literally, so why am I holding on to dead weight? It only makes it harder to fly, and I’ve got a ways to go (we all do)! 🕊️

I’ll keep writing about writing (hah), but also try to incorporate other interests (that is, anything and everything related to travel and learning about other cultures and experiences). I’m pumped about these changes, even if it involves substantial decision-making, and battling WordPress for days (probably), and nitpicking with every detail (the perfectionist enjoys that, no worries).

In the meantime… I’ll be on Twitter, asking for your thoughts. Happy reading, happier writing, and welcome dearest Spring!

Signing off, for the last time as,
Ali J.

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