Hello, it’s Me(linda)

Well that didn’t take as long as I thought it would! Rebranding: complete. 🎉😊

Some of you may have noticed I changed my name on Twitter yesterday (but not my handle, it’s punny and still accurate and I’m keeping it). Adieu and farewell to my pen name, Alison Juste, I shan’t forget you. 👋

I have, once again, updated the look of my site, and it feels more website than blog, which I like. I have also updated the Library to include Worldly Tales for ease of access, and added the new category of Essays – my first ever published piece!

In actual writing news, I am officially shelving my novel (hereby nicknamed “the beast”) in favor of working on my latest short story. No point trying to swim upstream, so I’ve taken down all the beast’s post-its above my desk and am back to staring at a blank wall (for now). This short story has been in the works since mid-December, but it keeps running away from me and growing in length (already 7k+ words). I’m not much of a marathon runner, but this one I will chase to the end! 😆

One of the strongest indicators this was the correct move was visualizing the cover. I couldn’t, and still can’t, for the life of me envision what the beast’s cover would look like. On the other hand, I have this growing short story, begging and pleading to be expanded upon, which is now my current WIP and nicknamed “the book,” and the cover is already there! Is this sorcery!?

If so I’ll take some more!

All in all, excitement awaits even while I continue job hunting and begin to trust myself, my choices, and the curve-ball I’m currently riding. As the winter blues ebb away and the spring energy bounces in, take care not to get swept away in the frenzy of movement! I’ll be concentrating said energy into a few tasks (the obvious one being writing), and will be back with more news for you!

Write on,

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