10 Year Blogiversary

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Time flies like an arrow (and fruit flies like a banana), or as has become abundantly clear with every passing week, month, and year since… graduating, I suppose, time is a traitorous liar. But let’s not dive into that.

Today marks my 10th year on this blog. Wait what? 10 whole years? A whole whooping decade!? 😳 Yikes. (Or is it wow? Or a despondent ‘huh.’)

An officer worker sitting in his cubicle. I was told there'd be cake. Happy 10 years anniversary!

Some of you have been with me and this blog since the beginning, thank you!? 🥳 The blog went through too many designs to count and at least three pen name changes before landing here, where being me simply easier — or beginning to be, at least. (No less nerve-wracking to be known, but, the internet nowadays is vastly different than– well, any time before now. I’m not touching that topic either.) I have 76 published posts to show for it — although, technically much less now that I’ve trimmed previous entries. Which brings me to what I’ve alluded to in my previous posts this year…

Some of you may have noticed that my blog is quite sparse (kudos for noticing) if it’s really been 10 years (it has, I don’t want to believe it either but it has) and to you I say: wonder no more. I wanted a fresh beginning, if you will. Fear not, I didn’t delete my content, it’s saved and still loved — it might be upcycled if rehashed to be reused, born again, we could say.

The content was no longer what I felt, pardon the pun, content sharing, simple as that.

I hope I won’t do the same thing again, but who knows, the person I’ll be next year, in five or ten years could also look back and sigh a patient “you sweet summer child.” Such is life, isn’t it?

So rather than go through updating bursts and neglecting the blog for years at a time (ouch, and yet familiar), I’m aiming to update monthly, or if life gets too busy then less than that but still regularly. Who knows what I’ll talk about, maybe my future side blog that’s under construction regaling you with travel tales, maybe the brand new idea I’ve had this week but is too baby to share right now (I’m pretty excited about it, but it needs more substance). Maybe even a publication update? This year’s goal, but we’ll see if the writing is up to par (and this month has been rough so far on that front).

Anyway, thank you for sticking around! 😊 I hope you find something in my posts, moments of small joy or perhaps smaller moments of contemplation or inspiration (those would be real compliments). Here’s to another 10 years together! 🎉

That’s. That’s a long way from now… But sure, what the hell, let’s do it!

Let’s all get an extra hour of sleep whenever (or if) daylight savings is inflicted upon us, but at least, spring is on its way. 🌱🌸🌼🌷🌻

Deep breath,

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