Welcome ~ Bienvenue ~ ようこそ

By some small internet wonder, you’ve landed or wandered here! A warm welcome I bid you.

You’ll find recent posts under Blog, a rundown of my writing under Library, and if you’re dying to know the person hosting the crazy brain, check out my About page.

While my blog has mainly focused on writing, I’ll expand into life and travel experiences. They are, after all, key encounters and events which feed my writing. Not talking about them would amount to baking brownies without chocolate: you can do it, but it won’t live up to its full flavor.

A quick guide

If you want to sift through my posts, check out the Categories! I have:

  • DIY MFA, a growing collection of posts inspired from the writing website
  • Blog, for the latest updates,
  • my Obstacle Series, which tackles some common hindrances to writing,
  • Reference, for all the posts and resources about writing (including other blogs),
  • Sudden Snapshot, depicting events from (or inspired from) real life,
  • Work in Progress, to give you updates on where I am in my writing or what I’m struggling with, and
  • Worldly Tales, to share other people’s life stories or wisdom (now under Library as well).

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