Out of the Box


August 2014


August 2022

This is at least my 12th draft, and it feels like a brand new story! Very excited to start submitting it once I finish the next round of edits.


A gifted escapee thirsting for freedom will go to any length to avoid being thrust back in captivity by the mysterious organization relentlessly trailing her.


As I tend to do, this was written based on where I lived at the time, a small town in northern France. The idea– well, frankly I can’t really recall, but this one was a bit more abstract. So abstract in fact the protagonist didn’t have a name! I added one after several editing rounds, after all, how could I convey the most important aspect of this if readers were confused about who was doing what? I am, however, editing this again, aiming to accomplish my original goal.


Screencraft Cinematic Short Story 2017 – Official Semifinalist

I was (and still am) so very happy, glad, overjoyed, and yes, proud, to have made it that far out of 1,400+ stories. I feel accomplished to have had this level of validation. 😊