August 2013


The growth of an unusual crush on a daily commute.


I’d had this idea for a while, but I guess sitting on the train in Japan and staring at windows really compelled me to finally write it out.

The setting for the story is in Japan, at least in my mind. I put vague references in there but tried not to make them too obvious, perhaps because I like to think anyone on a train might relate to the joys of a crowded commute…

If you’ve read my other short stories, you might agree this has quite the happy-ish ending for me. Or in the words of a friend: “That is the most romantic depressing fucked up and cute thing.” Whichever.


Fictuary Short Story Contest 2015 – Honorable Mention (It has since closed down.)

It was quite exciting to find out I was in the top 9 out of 103 entries! If memory serves correctly, this might’ve been the first contest where I actually placed! 😆

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