Worldly Tales

What we seek, we are.

Words of Wisdom, Lama Surya Das

This category was created specifically to share stories from around the world, and I’m giving it its own page because these stories deserve (and need) to be read.

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Look into others, and see yourself.

Words of Wisdom, Lama Surya Das

I am lucky enough to have travel be a part of my life, and I wish to share life stories (mine and others’) and wisdom acquired through various encounters and experiences.

I hope I do them justice.

No one knows everything.
No one knows nothing.
Everyone has a piece of the puzzle.

Words of Wisdom, Lama Surya Das

Wordly Tales

A Survivor’s Voice – Part 1 – Japan, Hiroshima

A Survivor’s Voice – Part 2 – Japan, Hiroshima