Wrong Place Right Time


January/February 2018


Australian journalist Holly Bowen finds herself transported to New York and witnesses a kidnapping, but seasoned travel agent Neal Fuller intends to correct a mistake at all costs.

How it came about

I entered the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge (under my pen name at the time, Alison Juste), and got assigned a genre (action/adventure), a subject (a shortcut), and a character (a travel agent), and had 8 days to write a story of maximum 2,500 words. I recall the obscene amount of procrastination (petrified fear stemming from too many great ideas), so I wrote most of it in about 3 days, which is why it needs a heavy round of editing (and deleting the word count) to reach its full potential (whatever that means 😜).


NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge 2018

Honorable Mention

I’ll admit a part of me was disappointed I didn’t make it through to Round 2, but I’m still quite thrilled to have been good enough to merit a mention! 😊 Maybe I’ll try entering again next year, who knows!

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