How to Feel like a Failure

Listen to, and believe, the voice(s) disparaging you. That's it, that's the list. Hold up, it can't be that simple, you exclaim, outraged at the clickbait. Well... yes. As a perfectionist, I don't make that claim lightly. And no, I have not vanquished feeling like a failure, I've actually been living with this more intensely… Continue reading How to Feel like a Failure

Best (Worst?) Practices, An Odyssey #DIYMFA

Happy February! I meant to answer this prompt earlier, but I had a story to write for NYC Midnight's #shortstorychallenge2018! Sad to say procrastination grabbed a hold of me by Wednesday, throwing all productivity aside (engaging all the fear monsters though), but I managed to write 1,500 (aka most of it) on Saturday and of… Continue reading Best (Worst?) Practices, An Odyssey #DIYMFA

What’s In A Name? #WIP

Greetings from an early morning (aka, I should be sleeping). You might notice this is my first "work in progress" update in a while! Let's take this as a good sign, shall we? While I haven't yet made very much progress on my novel, I'm at least still thinking about it. I'll take my "I… Continue reading What’s In A Name? #WIP