All the Types: Stories & Supporting Characters #DIYMFA

Happy nearly-June! 😨 How did we get here-- why isn't time pausing?? My watch flat-lined two weeks ago, but the calendar's still going! (Rude.) Fell off the wagon as usual... My work contract ended a couple of weeks ago, and I just came back from a 10 day trip celebrating that accomplishment. Ok no, it… Continue reading All the Types: Stories & Supporting Characters #DIYMFA

Fear Not Resistance, It Lights Your Path #DIYMFA

I'm back, as promised! (Wait, I can actually keep those??)  A bit later than I promised, but I made it back, so that's a win in my book. DIY MFA Book Club has actually ended, but I still want to answer all the prompts (im)patiently sitting in my inbox, and no one can tell me… Continue reading Fear Not Resistance, It Lights Your Path #DIYMFA

Best (Worst?) Practices, An Odyssey #DIYMFA

Happy February! I meant to answer this prompt earlier, but I had a story to write for NYC Midnight's #shortstorychallenge2018! Sad to say procrastination grabbed a hold of me by Wednesday, throwing all productivity aside (engaging all the fear monsters though), but I managed to write 1,500 (aka most of it) on Saturday and of… Continue reading Best (Worst?) Practices, An Odyssey #DIYMFA

Creativity: Wh’re Doth Thee Cometh From? #DIYMFA

G'day! This post is a tad late, as life happened (including Exciting News!!), but I'm honoring my reality and that is prioritizing writing a brand new story for the NYCMidnight #shortstorychallenge2018! This prompt, ironically enough, required more thinking that the last one. Who gets writer's block about creativity!? ... Me, that's who. 😞 Perhaps my lazy… Continue reading Creativity: Wh’re Doth Thee Cometh From? #DIYMFA

My Storytelling Superpower #DIYMFA

Welcome back! I'm very excited for this prompt: Who knew storytelling could be so exciting! 🙋 (That's me, because I did-- do... I get ridiculously addicted to my own stories.) Turns out, I'm The Protector! Your superpower is writing superheroes! Your favorite characters see their world in danger and will do whatever it takes to protect it… Continue reading My Storytelling Superpower #DIYMFA

Reality Check #DIYMFA

Happy mid-January! Oh gosh, already... This week's prompt brought up a variety of topics, because reality's messy. My reality is always crashing down on my sweet sweet naive dreams. Oh you're going to write when you get back from work? Did you forget you had to make dinner and lunch for the week? Oh right,… Continue reading Reality Check #DIYMFA

My Origin Story #DIYMFA

Dear writers & readers, Would you believe I'm back already!? (Color me surprised.) If the hashtag in the title wasn't subtle enough, I subscribed to the #DIY MFA Book Club, so I get weekly emails with prompts! Chances of writing a post just shot through the roof. Weekly prompt: Thus, my origin story's story begins...… Continue reading My Origin Story #DIYMFA

2018: Clean Slate

G'day, hi, and hello! First of all, Happy New Year! I hope 2018 will prove kind in its teachings, and bring you joy, peace, and accomplishment(s). You might've noticed I was conspicuously absent for a little while. Okay a long while. Half of 2016, and all of 2017 to be exact!? Blimey! I guess it's… Continue reading 2018: Clean Slate