Creativity: Wh’re Doth Thee Cometh From? #DIYMFA

G'day! This post is a tad late, as life happened (including Exciting News!!), but I'm honoring my reality and that is prioritizing writing a brand new story for the NYCMidnight #shortstorychallenge2018! This prompt, ironically enough, required more thinking that the last one. Who gets writer's block about creativity!? ... Me, that's who. 😞 Perhaps my lazy… Continue reading Creativity: Wh’re Doth Thee Cometh From? #DIYMFA

Reality Check #DIYMFA

Happy mid-January! Oh gosh, already... This week's prompt brought up a variety of topics, because reality's messy. My reality is always crashing down on my sweet sweet naive dreams. Oh you're going to write when you get back from work? Did you forget you had to make dinner and lunch for the week? Oh right,… Continue reading Reality Check #DIYMFA

2018: Clean Slate

G'day, hi, and hello! First of all, Happy New Year! I hope 2018 will prove kind in its teachings, and bring you joy, peace, and accomplishment(s). You might've noticed I was conspicuously absent for a little while. Okay a long while. Half of 2016, and all of 2017 to be exact!? Blimey! I guess it's… Continue reading 2018: Clean Slate

3 Year Blogiversary

G'day, mates! Wow has it been a while, or what? I just realized I only published three posts since my last anniversary post. Oops? To be fair (read: list of excuses), a lot happened, just not writing wise. As you know, I packed up and relocated again, somehow made it halfway through grad school with… Continue reading 3 Year Blogiversary

Status Update & Contest Result!?

Bonsoir tout le monde! You might've noticed I pulled the disappearing act, again. The semester was ending, I was traveling, I wasn't writing, I had intense periods of ughs and args, blah di blah, excuses, same old same old. What's new: um, I'm technically writing again (yes, it's fanfiction, but it gets me writing, let's me have fun; in short, it's… Continue reading Status Update & Contest Result!?

Horizons A Changin’

A new year, a new semester and new horizons ahead! I might've sort of hurried this week's lesson planning because I'd planned to go meet friends in Paris (one of whom I hadn't seen in 12 years!) and go to this awesome art exhibition, but it was definitely worth it. I'm sort of on a… Continue reading Horizons A Changin’

2015: Step Up To Yourself

A belated yet happy new year to you! May 2015 bring joy and happiness daily. I hope you all had a wonderful time, enjoyed some tasty food, spent time with friends and family and hopefully, gave yourself some time off. I know I did, and it was wonderful. 2014 ended on a nostalgic yet grateful… Continue reading 2015: Step Up To Yourself

Writing: Main Or Side Job?

I'm neither the first nor the last to ponder whether to consider writing a main or side job. Frankly, I'm actually at a point where writing isn't even a job at the moment, which might play better in the long term but is rather detrimental to my short term goals. I'm bringing this up now… Continue reading Writing: Main Or Side Job?