Hello, it’s Me(linda)

Well that didn't take as long as I thought it would! Rebranding: complete. 🎉😊 Some of you may have noticed I changed my name on Twitter yesterday (but not my handle, it's punny and still accurate and I'm keeping it). Adieu and farewell to my pen name, Alison Juste, I shan't forget you. 👋 I… Continue reading Hello, it’s Me(linda)

What’s In A Name? #WIP

Greetings from an early morning (aka, I should be sleeping). You might notice this is my first "work in progress" update in a while! Let's take this as a good sign, shall we? While I haven't yet made very much progress on my novel, I'm at least still thinking about it. I'll take my "I… Continue reading What’s In A Name? #WIP

Obstacle #6: Writer’s Block

I guess I did something right in my last post (Revisions), a fair few of you seemed to share similar feelings. 🙂 (Is this 'like' similar to the Facebook 'like?' Bring on the confusion!) Today's topic: the ultimate writer's bane! Writer's block. (Cue dreadful music.) I'm pretty sure this doesn't require an explanation, unless the… Continue reading Obstacle #6: Writer’s Block

Obstacle #2: P.O.V, First vs Third Person

Second post of my Obstacle Series. I think I'll post them on Fridays, that way I have a weekend and the week to mull over the topic... IF I can find more topics. (Hint hint: give me suggestions!) Today's topic is point of view! Whether you're writing for your high school/college English class with a… Continue reading Obstacle #2: P.O.V, First vs Third Person

Obstacle #1: Words, Feedback & Languages

I might or might not be starting a "series" based on varying obstacles we face while writing. I don't want to make a promise in case I break it, but I'll try to update at least a few of these. If you're a writer, and most us have to be at some point, you know… Continue reading Obstacle #1: Words, Feedback & Languages