2015: Step Up To Yourself

A belated yet happy new year to you! May 2015 bring joy and happiness daily. I hope you all had a wonderful time, enjoyed some tasty food, spent time with friends and family and hopefully, gave yourself some time off. I know I did, and it was wonderful. 2014 ended on a nostalgic yet grateful… Continue reading 2015: Step Up To Yourself

A Survivor’s Voice – Part 2

Another tale from 1945 Hiroshima, retold as understood through the interpreter. Again, tread carefully, this story is even more potent than Part 1 and contains some graphic descriptions. Part 2 is the account of Taeko Teramae. When the bomb went off, Taeko was 15 years old and a mobilized middle school student, 550 meters from… Continue reading A Survivor’s Voice – Part 2

A Survivor’s Voice – Part 1

Recently I recalled moments of my time in Japan as a student and looked everywhere for pieces of my journal I couldn't find. But I found them at last, so I'm able to share a part of my experience with you. However, today's content is quite potent, so tread carefully. When I studied abroad in… Continue reading A Survivor’s Voice – Part 1

1 Year Blogiversary

A year ago, in a far away, cold and snow filled rural land, I began my blog. From my first two followers, I somehow gained another 100! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ Sorry, I couldn't help my excited-ness from creeping out. (See? It did it again!) A lot of things have changed in my life, starting with the obvious:… Continue reading 1 Year Blogiversary

What’s In A Name? #WIP

Greetings from an early morning (aka, I should be sleeping). You might notice this is my first "work in progress" update in a while! Let's take this as a good sign, shall we? While I haven't yet made very much progress on my novel, I'm at least still thinking about it. I'll take my "I… Continue reading What’s In A Name? #WIP